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OUR Mission is To reduce/prevent relapse in early recovery using technology, accountability, and personalized coaching support on a daily basis

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How does it work?
A personalized program

The program includes daily emails on different recovery topics, live coaching support from a coach who knows and cares about your recovery.
Tracking using GPS

True AfterCares app also helps the client stay connected to their support network to and monitor adherence to weekly activities and support groups
Helping clients stay on track

True AfterCare overnights drug tests that can be taken from the privacy of your own home and the sample then gets overnighted back to the lab for testing
``Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.``
Robert Collier
True After Care Program
90 Day Support Program
True AfterCare is a 90 day personalized support program designed to help people in early recovery navigate the daily challenges of staying sober. True AfterCare’s goal is to utilize live coaching available 24×7, 365 days a year, combined with an accountability app that helps keep people on track in early recovery. True AfterCares 90-day program is aligned with clinical research that states that treatment under 90 days has limited positive outcomes. True AfterCare bridges the gap from leaving treatment and early recovery to help clients stay accountable to a recovery program while also reintegrating back into everyday life.
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Latest News
True AfterCare is now going live

True AfterCare is now going live and starting to accept clients for the 90 day coaching…

``Although the approaches to addictions treatment have evolved, it's all for naught if we fail to recognize that the most vulnerable time for patients happens immediately after they leave primary care. The unique combination of evidence-informed approaches utilized by True AfterCare represents a paradigm shift in addictions treatment that will likely alter clinical outcomes in a major way.``
Mark Rohde Ph.D Addiction Psychologist
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