Mary C.
Celebrating 8 months of sobriety

“You helped me through the most challenging times when my treatment time was up. Leaving that protective space became a bit easier with my TAC Coach and I am really grateful for my Coach, Michele. There are times when I question if I could have made it without her daily connection and support. Today, I have the tools and desire to live a sober life and I’m thriving in my personal recovery. It feels amazing to be free….”

Lisa G.
Graduate in 2017

I knew I was not alone for a single moment. My TAC coach was there as a support for the good times, the tough times, and for the moments when I didn’t realize that I needed gentle reminders to connect back to my support team. This entire program continues to help me grow to this day. Thank you for everything.

Marilyn E.
Mom of a TAC Client

My 20-year old son was extremely resistant to the idea of the TAC app’s GPS and drug monitoring. Once he started connecting with his oach and all of the resources that came along with the program, he now attributes his sobriety to the personal accountability that came with this life-saving program. As his parents, our greatest fear was of losing him to his addiction. He became the one wanting his recovery and he is now the one who can celebrate the milestones he has achieved. We know the program works because we have our son back and he continues to keep us connected as his support along with many others who are invested in his recovery. We are truly grateful for all the guidance we received from the entire TAC team on this journey. Many Thanks.

Mark H.
Graduate and 1 year sober

The daily connection to my coach undoubtedly saved my life during challenging time. Thank You True AfterCare. Recovery is Possible!