Introducing True AfterCare’s app-based engagement platform now available for healthcare providers

Integrating technology-assisted care into your service delivery is possible!
True AfterCare (TAC) is pleased to announce our Software as a Service (SaaS) now available through licensing opportunities.

Our HIPAA compliant SaaS platform allows organizations to connect value-based care with our user-friendly solution. Seamlessly integrate this innovative technology into your service delivery today. Brand it with your logo, align your curriculum and resources, pair your team members and activate your measurement tools to effectively reach your members and patients.

Making the investment makes sense! Consider the benefits:

  • Increased patient engagement.
  • Decreased utilization of high-cost care.
  • Proactively identify high risk patients needing a higher level of care.
  • Turn engagement & peer support services via telehealth into revenue.
  • Access business intelligence tools that improves patient-centered care & outcomes.
  • Connect people with technology to digitize your member experience.

Fast Track Your Efforts on our SaaS Platform

Building a HIPAA secure app is guaranteed to be costly and time-consuming. Our time spent in development is done. This helps your organization move faster to integrate technology-assisted care into your service delivery, today!

TAC is NOT like the other apps. Our platform connects people and innovative technology to increase member engagement and help your organization get paid for covered services. When you sign on as a licensing partner, we train your team on all the successful tricks to boost engagement and keep your patients/members connected.

As we continue to innovate, so do you!

TAC operates with a MULTI-TENANT ARCHITECTURE. What this means is that all users licensed on our SaaS platform share a single, common infrastructure and code base that is centrally maintained.

YOU get to customize your application!

Each of our licensed users can easily customize their application to fit their business processes without affecting our common infrastructure. We can integrate your company logo, customize your education and resource content and deploy the application with ease!


Our user-friendly, HIPAA compliant app bridges the connection between your patients/members and your staff (ACT teams, navigators, peer support, techs, clinicians, etc.) to promote increased engagement in your services.

The app and sophisticated back end portal can be accessed securely from any mobile device and helps your team design a personalized accountability plan in partnership with your patient/members to monitor and support daily living skills and progress. Every member profile is built by design with their input to ensure their success in achieving daily, weekly and monthly goals.

Most importantly, this tool helps your staff create an environment of encouragement and support, along with the capacity to clue in to early warning signs of a patient/member dropping from daily engagement or may be experiencing a relapse or crisis.


Activities: Personalized daily and weekly planning between your staff and patients/members. Choose from over 200 activities that activate on the app. Redefine how care is delivered in a patient-centric way, improve outcomes and improve member satisfaction.

Communication: In-app secure text messaging and VOIP internet calls are launched direct from the app. Use a HIPAA compliant tool that keeps communication out of iMessage and other SMS texting platforms.

Wraparound Support: Patients/members identify their external support team (family members, clinicians, sponsor) or other designated individuals in case of an emergency or when engagement drops off, signaling potential problems to proactively address. Reduce utilization of high-cost care, improve access to care during a relapse or crisis.

The Journey: An accountability feature that connects in real time via GPS monitoring. This is a proactive tool to ensure members remain connected and on track with daily goals and support every day. The Journey offers the most compelling connection that is not about monitoring, but it’s designed to help your team remain involved. Stay connected, decrease unnecessary admissions and prevent re-admissions!

Resources: Customize your organizations content and expand capacity utilizing our extensive list of quality podcasts, handouts, articles, links to videos and other education and wellness resources to add to your program. Digitize the user experience with resources all available at the touch of an app.

Calendar Feature: Care coordination and care management are critical functions of value-based services. Our simple calendaring feature can be accessed direct on a member’s smart phone that connects to your team. Keep your members on track with daily goals.

Broadcast push notifications: Organize push notifications to your patients/members. Use this feature for reminders, simple words of encouragement, fun and engaging messages or critical communication regarding events and/or scheduling. Boosting engagement increases your organizations VALUE!

Business Intelligence Reporting:

TAC provides business intelligence tools to help your team track progress, engagement, success indicators and trends. Daily, weekly and monthly reports on member/patient progress are provided to the support team to assist you with reporting on the following process measures: number of patients/members onboarded and completed each month, length of time in the program, frequency of communication between staff and member, and level of engagement and use of the app (staff and member).

Additional reporting capability outside of our licensing and setup fees assist you with outcome measurement reports that you determine based on your service model.

TAC has also developed our own proprietary measurement tool that measures improved patient functioning that pairs with other common indicators:
• Stable housing
• Reduction in substance use
• Decrease in utilization of crisis services
• Increase in employment/productivity
• Access to community supports, i.e., recovery engagement
• Individuals input into daily goals
• Improved functioning and symptoms
• Enhanced wellness indicators
• Reduction in self-harm when applicable
• Structure to daily living activities


TAC provides a back-end administrative portal that organizes all system users in our multi-tenant environment. Once you assign an administrator for your organization, they become the gatekeeper in a secure environment exclusive to your organization.

Connect Patients/Members & Staff in Real-time: The portal provides a platform from which your staff can launch calls and texts directly from their laptop (in addition to their smart phones). During onboarding, the portal builds a comprehensive client profile that personalizes their program with measurable goals and outcomes. Log collaborative client notes, track daily activity and progress and set up their external support team.

Access to Critical Information Results in Better Care: Our documents upload feature allows organization to connect important files that may include medical records, treatment and discharge plans, releases of information, drug tests results, etc.

Engagement Connects to Billable Telehealth Services: Every engagement used to call and text your patients/members is time stamped for billing and auditing purposes. Get paid when you engage!

Interested in doing more?
Contact our team and meet with us to learn more about how this tool can improve your services and outcomes. We offer live demonstrations of our app and how the portal serves as the gateway to increased engagement, better outcomes and healthier patients/members. Email us today at and let’s get connected!