Frequently Asked Questions

True AfterCare is a personalized 90-day program designed by people in recovery for people beginning their recovery journey. True AfterCare utilizes live recovery coaching available 24/7 to support clients as they begin their journey into sobriety under the supervision of psychologists with expertise in addictive disorders. The program utilizes our proprietary True AfterCare accountability app that helps keep people on track in early recovery. True AfterCares 90-day program is aligned with clinical research that states that treatment under 90 days has limited positive outcomes. We bridge the gap from leaving treatment and early recovery to help clients stay accountable to a recovery program while also reintegrating back into everyday life.
True AfterCare works by developing a personalized program of recovery for the client that is supported in multiple ways, every day. The program includes daily emails on different recovery topics, live coaching support from a coach who knows and cares about your recovery. Accountability tracking using GPS built into our mobile app also helps the client stay connected to their support network and to monitor adherence with weekly activities and support groups. This program also includes random drug and alcohol testing as part of the of helping clients stay on track. True AfterCare has partnered with labs across the country that will provide the drug and alcohol screens included with the program. True AfterCare also includes access to Psychologist written recovery tips and advice via daily emails, and weekly podcasts with special guest speakers, workbooks, and materials all designed to help prevent a relapse.
True AfterCare is a program designed for both male and females who are in early recovery from addictive disorders. True AfterCare is for people who are making a commitment to stop using drugs and alcohol and want support to help get their daily journey started.  True AfterCare is designed to connect people preparing for transition from treatment, entering a support program or sober living environment. True AfterCare knows that recovery is not possible alone and that’s where our 90-day program helps.  By connecting the client with resources, coaching, accountability app support, and keeping clients engaged with their support network, True AfterCare will be there to help people navigate sobriety their first 90 days of this new life.
TAC Recovery Coaches offer strengths-based support for individuals who are in early recovery from alcohol, other drugs, codependency, or other addictive behaviors. They play a key role in helping our clients who are making important decisions about what to do with their life and how addiction or recovery plays in it. Our recovery coaches do not offer primary treatment for addiction and do not diagnose. Our recovery coaches support any positive change, helping our clients coming home from treatment to avoid relapse, build community support for recovery, and work on life goals related to recovery such as relationships, work, education etc. Recovery coaching is action oriented with an emphasis on improving present life and reaching goals for the future while preventing relapse. Recovery coaching is unlike most therapy because our coaches do not address the past, do not work to heal trauma, and there is little emphasis on feelings. Recovery coaches are unlike licensed addiction counselors in that coaches are non-clinical and do not diagnose or treat addiction or any mental health issues. Given that, we make it a priority to connect clinical supports to our clients to ensure they are continuing this important work following treatment.
True AfterCare’s personalized 90-day support program is available for $3000. For $33 per day, our clients receive daily personalized one on one coaching via phone, text and email. In addition to having a personal recovery coach available 24/7, the program is backed by innovative technology right at your fingertips. We offer a user friendly mobile app that offers high quality podcasts, education and wellness tools and interactive assignments that guide you through the 90-day experience. True AfterCare does offer financial assistance and sliding scale fee-for-service rates for those who qualify. We do not want this important resource to be the barrier between you and a better life in recovery so please contact our team to discuss your options.
The TAC program is available to anyone in early recovery, age 14 and older. Minors are required to have a parent or legal guardian authorize participation in the program and remain involved as an active participant through daily communication and connection with our team.
The TAC program is confidential. We have strong safeguards in place to protect your personal information and never communicate with anyone unless we are authorized by you to do so. We will encourage you to involve your current treatment team, therapist, family member(s), sponsor, or other individuals who are actively supporting you in recovery.