Our outcomes-based service model is designed with four unique elements that support individuals in their early recovery.


True AfterCare (TAC) believes that ongoing education and the pursuit of overall wellness (physical, emotional, and spiritual) is the key to our client’s long-term success.

Through the TAC app, education and wellness is one click away. Our app connects clients to a comprehensive toolkit that caters to a personalized journey throughout their 90-day program and beyond.

The TAC app offers an array of handouts, podcasts, and videos that address challenges from coping with anxiety to job hunting and from building social competence to dealing with cravings.

Each day starts with a daily dose of recovery inspiration and access to an array of engaging podcasts, educational fact sheets, videos, meditations, nutritional resources, mindfulness, stress reduction, coping skills and an array of daily living resource topics.

Double-Check Assets and Challenges with Your Coach.
TAC uses a quick online Self-Care Survey to take a close look at how the client sees their own current personal strengths and the difficulties that they face. TAC staff can match this information with the discharge summary and insure that needs are addressed, and strengths are best utilized.

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Experience Matters. Our Recovery Coaches offer 24/7 support, encouragement and resources.

True AfterCare (TAC) Recovery Coaches come with over 60 years of combined experience in long term recovery. Our Coaches know all about recovery and we’re one call or text away to address a client’s questions, concerns, and fears.

Our Coaches assist with coordinating continuing care for issues clients cannot address without support. When medical and behavioral healthcare is a part of a discharge plan, our coaches serve as care coordinators to help ensure clients get what they need.

Quality Matters…

TAC Recovery Coaches receive ongoing supervision and training led by our Clinical Director, Mark Rohde, Ph.D., a reputable psychologist practicing in Arizona that specializes in addiction disorders. Our peer support training program aligns with evidence-based practice and nationally recognized peer support programs that focus on “Change Talk”.


True AfterCare (TAC) has developed an innovative way to offer the highest quality direct to consumer DNA drug testing in partnership with Genotox Laboratories.

Substance Use Monitoring with DNA verification helps to insure abstinence.

TAC knows that drug testing is often inconvenient, time-consuming, embarrassing, and of questionable validity. Our testing process allows collection to be done at home and sent in via mail, but specimen validity is insured via a match between the client’s own DNA and the DNA in the urine sample.

Technology Platform

The TAC Recovery App is unique and it’s personalized.
The TAC app designs a personalized recovery plan unique to each client from Day 1. This capability allows clients to structure their daily and weekly goals with their Coach.

Technology that becomes the bridge from treatment to transition:
Built by the client, for the client. We proactively connect the dots from a treatment/discharge plan and develop a daily recovery plan that’s personalized and attainable. This helps our coaches monitor adherence to the plan THEY create.

Real time GPS Features. A Success Tracker with Emoji Check-in’s. Instant Support.

Instant Feedback between clients and coaches is provided by the TAC app. An emoji feature on the app provides a shorthand way for clients to let their coach know their emotional status. Email, texting, and phone calling features within the app provide immediate access to support. Instant Resources are also on the TAC Phone App. A broad collection of recovery resources is as close as the phone app.